What exactly is forming a coalition and why now?

GavelA coalition refers to an alliance for combining efforts to effect action . Regardless of where you purchase your CEC's or loyalty to a specific organization - YOUR PROFESSION IS AT RISK.

Our profession is in dire trouble, not just in New York but nationwide. Licensed opticians are being replaced in some dispensaries with permittees, some with untrained staff and some with one license to "cover" several staff members. This is not new news, what is different is we have the attention of SED and Office of the Professions willing to listen to our needs to stop the proliferation of unlicensed practice and permit abuse. All opticians need to join this coalition to mount a campaign to monitor our profession and to grow opticianry. It will begin with one violation at a time.

NYSSO listened to your concerns and comments on social media.

Leadership took notice ~ now is your opportunity to be heard!

The true voice for all opticians in NYS comes from those respected and dedicated to our profession, not just for one area of the state but statewide, on a daily basis. Whether you are a member or not, we want you all to succeed. Our outreach to SED was stunted due to the pandemic however, we were on pause not stopped. Approaching State Ed is not easy to navigate and understanding their limits and function has brought us to this point which began with discussions with the New York State Education Department and Office of the Professions regarding multiple violations. Below are excerpts from our discussions with clear directions and explanation of what we need to accomplish and what their offices can assist with. Gathering as many true violations need to be submitted to demonstrate rampant abuse: we are ORGANIZED to not allow this abuse and neglect to continue.

Here is the link to file your complaints, limit your narrative to only violations of our education laws for both licensing and permit candidates. We are including areas from the SED website that explain our licensing laws around ophthalmic dispensing, this also includes permit issuance and those limits. Please submit exactly what is asked and write with respect for yourself in a manner to protect the profession over personal or emotional content. No one wins with untruths or mere complaints.

Excerpts from our Communications:
Pursuant to ยง6510 of the Education Law, the Office of Professional Discipline (OPD) must investigate all complaints of professional misconduct to determine if there is a violation of law or regulation. OPD cannot, however, enter a professional business establishment to conduct an inspection without a complaint (except in the case of pharmacies, which are subject to different laws). SED is not a prosecutorial agency and must rely solely on specific written complaints. As such, we strongly urge you to file specific complaints regarding professional practice concerns. To investigate the complaint, the investigators would need as much detail as you can provide including names, dates, and locations of the infractions.

View the NYS Licensure and Permit Requirements.
Download the Comprehensive Violation Statement.

Submit facts and please support yourself through one voice in NYS - be part of the solution by supporting NYSSO ~ if not now, when?


With pride for NYS Opticians,
Dale S. Clemens, President
Laura Frezza, Executive Director