NYSSO 5.22.22 Regional Symposium - JFK Crowne Plaza (Metro Region)

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Join NYSSO In-Person this Sunday for Continuing Education at JFK Crowne Plaza.


Sunday, 5/22/22

Region: Metro, JFK Crowne Plaza

Time: 8 am - 2 pm ET 


Regional Symposium Schedule

  • 9-10 am ET “Digital Eye-Strain in the Post-Pandemic Era,” Barb Malobabich, IOT America

    • One Hour CE, OD, Intermediate

    • Course Summary:

      In this one-hour presentation, you will learn how our visual needs have changed in the past year, primarily due to the global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. You will learn what tell-tale signs to watch for and how to educate your patients on alleviating these bothersome symptoms. Additionally, you will learn about new advanced lens design technology that explicitly targets and mitigates digital eye strain (hereafter referred to as DES) for patients who use digital devices all day. By the end of the presentation, you will have the tools to develop a strategy to specifically target this need in your practice, allowing you to reach new demographics and enhance the offerings for the demographic that you currently serve. 

  • 10-11 am ET “Social Media and the Eyecare Industry,” Barb Malobabich, IOT America
    • One Hour CE. BM, Basic
  • 11 -11:30 am ET  Break
  • 1130 am-1:30 pm ET Chris Sharkey, Neurolens
    • Two Hour CE, OD, Intermediate
    • The Neurolens value obtained by the nMD is used to prescribe Neurolenses, which provide a proprietary contoured lens design.. This technology seamlessly varies the prismatic correction provided to the eyes at different distances, allowing clinicians to customize the lens correction for each individual patient depending on both patient needs and their clinical findings. The nMD provides a Neurolens value at the end of the measurement which corresponds to the distance prism prescription of the patient. Clinicians can readily use this value as a guideline to treat their patients. Unlike a standard prism, the Neurolens contoured prism design allows clinicians to treat their patients with a distance prism correction and additional correction at near.


Long Island Region - To Be Announced!


May 22nd, 2022 8:00 AM through  2:00 PM
JFK Crowne Plaza
United States