Long Island Regional Symposium

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Gather with us for great education in person on Sunday, October 24 at the NYSSO Long Island Regional Symposium.


10/24/21 NYSSO Long Island Regional Symposium Program Schedule

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9 am – Unlocking Social Media, presented by Moses Nawlo
One Hour, Business Management Basic
Opticianry is not just selling a pair of glasses, it is selling knowledge, experience, skill, and making a connection. As the field of opticianry evolves from physical to digital, the optician must evolve in order to adapt. One of the biggest competitors is online businesses, however, social media is the best tool for the optician to succeed where online stores cannot. The optician has flexibility and creativity to reach patients while building a brand. Social Media is innovative and has many platforms that can be utilized with the correct knowledge. As an optician using social media it requires an understanding of the goal, audiences and different platforms. In addition, there must be a focus on schedule, content, and branding. Strategies will focus on defining short- and long-term goals while focusing on sending a message to the correct audience.  Scheduling will be deciding what and when to post, this includes content such as videos or images. Brand recognition makes the optician memorable and identifiable. By knowing how to utilize these skills an optician can compete and go beyond what an online business offers.

10 am - Guided by the Light – Polarization Technology of Yesterday and Today, presented by Robert Wallner
One Hour, Dual Intermediate
Polarization technology is often misunderstood and underutilized. This course will define exactly what polarization is, how it works and when it is an appropriate recommendation for your patient’s eyewear. Polarization applications in advanced vision testing procedures such as binocularity and stereopsis will also be discussed.

11 am - The Y 2.2  – Available Exclusively at Your Local Brick and Mortar Optical Shop!  Presented by Robert Wallner
One Hour, Ophthalmic Dispensing Intermediate
This presentation will discuss some emergent lens and visual diagnostic technology and the importance of accurate fitting and measurement skills that will not be possible to be “DIY”.

12 pm - Neuropsychology Relevant to the Patient/Consumer, presented by Laura Frezza
One Hour, Dual Intermediate
This course will investigate our systematic process and the choices that we make; some of these choices are orchestrated by deliberate marketing techniques designed to capture our emotional agency.  As licensed professionals, how do we utilize this valuable information knowing that the patient/consumer is pre-conditioned? This course will illustrate beyond what we see. 

October 24th, 2021 8:15 AM through  1:00 PM
Radisson Hotel Hauppauge Long Island
110 Vanderbilt Motor Parkway
Hauppauge, 11788
United States
Phone: (631) 305-2835