Our members continue to ask for ways to do good in their communities across New York State. In the spirit of these wonderful ways of giving back, NYSSO has partnered with Eye Banks around the state and Donate Life New York to encourage donor registration and financial contributions.

All tissue donation in New York is coordinated through Donate Life New York. The following locations are responsible for services that include recovery, tissue storage, and final distribution.

Cornea tissue can be stored for up to 14 days before it must be used for transplant. Because the demand for ocular tissue is so great, most donor tissue is distributed within three or four days after its arrival.1 This means there is a continual need for new donors. People who have poor vision or have had previous eye diseases or surgery can still donate.

Supporting eye donation is easy. Perhaps you have a collection jar on the counter or a few donor registration cards by your door.

Information and materials will be available on this page to help you promote eye donation in your workplace. More information and volunteer opportunities will be available throughout the year.

Please help NYSSO promote eye donation and support the Eye Banks of New York. 

Contact NYSSO Headquarters for more information.



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